Website + Customer Success Story

“Roxy Digital is second to none. Very professional and exceeded our expectations but most importantly the clients love it.”

Ryan Keating, Founder Athletic Surge

Website Design & Development  |  Branding  |  Corporate Photoshoot

Athletic Surge embrace strength and joy to achieve extraordinary lifestyle changes.

Athletic Surge has a simple story, a love of sport, physical activity and the joy of getting stronger and better every day. This ethos is what drives their passion and inspires results in their clients.

Together, Athletic Surge and Roxy Digital, established the aim of the project, they wanted to build their brand and digital presence in a way that placed their values and unique culture at the core.

Thinking differently is one of those values, so they wanted to partner with a similar creative team, one who doesn’t think about only one element but instead embraces the entire customer journey. That’s where Roxy Digital came in.

Developing an online presence that promotes their transformative lifestyle culture.

With an already well-established client base, Athletic Surge required a brand to match, one that showcased their ground-breaking sports culture and company values. The company wanted an online platform where they could inspire people to do more, to embrace a lifestyle that could be sustained. Their website was the beginning of the brand transformation.


Improved SEO ranking and more traffic than ever. “The clients love it.”